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31.01.2016 13:15 - Who am i?
Автор: enigma21 Категория: Лични дневници   
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 I have to write this piece for my English classes and i have decided to put it out there. Enjoy it. :)

                                                            “Who I am ?“   To define who you are , is one of the most complex and philosophical task of our times. These days this question is bothering thousands of people who constantly ends up turning their lives upside down in order to understand better their own personalities.From pop stars that we watch everyday to the man on your local grocery store.The answer to this question is the most desirable thing of our generation.   This simple fact always surprises me.  We spend so much time on judging people and defining their own personalities based on our perspective and yet when we had to define our own individuality we remain clueless. Don’t get me wrong I also do not have a simple answer to this question ,but that does not mean i can not be amazed of the complexity of our own psychology. I may do not have the answer  but i  have a theory. My  theory for this phenomenon in our generation is that we started to live our lives too fast. We are working on thousands of projects and ideas trying to make our best and in  this fast raise we forgot to stop for a second and see how we feel about the thing that we do.For example you may be working as an engineer as your math skills were great and you  saw it as a good job opportunity but you never really  thought about how you were  feeling. You were caught up thinking not feeling.And all of the things that we are doing they define our personality as they are part of us. Everything that you do or feel defines  who you are or at least that is what most people are thinking.I like to look on that more as creating myself.Yes i will search and find things that i am passionate about that i did not know before but i took the conscious decision to do that and develop it  afterwards.Cause i do not want to be defined or found i want to build myself as i want.To project a person by my own prospective.    In the end, we are still living in this fast changing world and that is the main thing that we are going to do till the end of our lives - to change.We are going to build ourselves and then change it because we still need to adapt to the surrounding world.So there is no simple or constant answer on the question  “who are you?”. You are just a collection of the things that you are doing and the things that are happening to you.And we know one thing for sure, everything will change.  

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