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31.01.2016 13:19 - Collect memories not things
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                  Collect memories not things

Going through live we always collect things. As a very good misers we like to have things that we can call our own.This is a big part of us left from the days when we have to fight everyday for our existence . Of course now we don`t speak any more for collecting bear skin or horses.

But the main thing  that remained in us is the greediness.We always like to have more even that we know it is not live saving.

The thing that we do not understand is that those things are always replaceable and they are not going to last forever.But in this great big world there is something that not only can last forever but can make us more happy than the physical things in our lives.Those things are the moments that create memories in us.They leave a trace in our mind and soul and the best part is that no one know how much of them you have so they can not ever be envious for your happy thoughts. You can have as much as you want from them and i can assure you that  you will never remain poor if you collect memories.All of them contain knowledge that you will use for the rest of your live. 

The other good part of the memories is that they never change and you can recall them at any moment on any place and the feeling that they gave you back then will still be the same.For example when you have a dark period of your live you can always recall a good memory in your head and to feel all the happiness from this memory again.Because this memory contains something that material things can not contain , an energy that you can feel.Yes you can always be happy that you manage to buy the latest Iphone 6 but you will be happy like a week and a half and then this feeling will disappear because your mind will understand that this is just a phone and there is nothing special in it.Аnd will be just a temporarily part of your live that is not important at all.

If you truly want to be rich in your live.Always try to create great moments and do not forget to collect them when they become a memory.As you will never know when they can save your live by giving you their power to remind you that the live is great and there is always a free space for more of those good memories. 

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